Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Giraffe and me!

I got a new friend. He likes to sing "Twinkle twinkle, little star".

That is one of my favorite songs. He puts me to sleep when I can't just fall asleep. He also works as a good soothie when I can't find mine. He also is so soft like to rub him.

If you can't tell I'm in momma and daddy's bed. We co sleep and I like it. I sleep longer and don't wake up scared. It also makes it easier for momma to change me at night and feed me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cherra Piee!

Momma got a hankering for some Cherry Pie. Bet it has something to do with Grandma making her one when we went for our visit in Alabama.

I'll admit I am not complaining.... Mm mm.

Even Grandpa Sverre ate some.

I like my carrier that Uncle Sean & Aunt Cari got me. Momma can wear me where ever when ever. How convenient and hands free too!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Well I get to take a bath like the rest of em.....

Momma and MiMa saw it that I am now too big to take a bath in the sink anymore. So I got to move to the big kid tub.

I enjoy the tub, I swim up and down the tub. MiMa likes to give me new hair styles but I don't think this is my look. What do you think?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Uncle Sean's & Cari's Dinner Night!

We went and ate at Aunt Cari's and uncle Sean's house to visit on Sunday. Gamma was there and my cousin Blake.

Blake was really excited to see me. We didn't get to see him for Easter so we got to give him his Easter basket. He got a humongous egg filled with candy and a rabbit. He wanted to eat the candy before dinner.

Cari & Sean say I am getting so big. Aunt Cari, I think would eat me alive if I was edible, she just adores me.

Gamma was happy to see me too. We didn't get to hang out Saturday night like we do every week. I wasn't feeling good and momma was worried. So Gamma and me had to catch up on our gossip.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well it got down to 50 degree's today so we tried on Aunt Patty's Basketball jacket. I am 14 lbs and just not big enough yet. Momma says maybe a few more weeks.

Even dad was wearing his pull over. But the cold didnt stop us from playing with Pyper. Thats daddy's dog. She is a 1 year old, full blooded Boxer. They call her type of coloring Fancy Fawn.

Aunt patty has a full blooded boxer too. Hers has coloring that is called Brindle. It is very little though, still just a puppy. Aunt patty is gonna have to tell me the name of her puppy.

Momma used to have a Boxer, Xena. She had the coloring of Fawn, because she didn't have any whit markings around her neck and face like Pyper.
Momma misses her I can tell.

Maybe when I get older I will have a dog.

Daddy has a dog and a cat. Gamma Miles has two cats and three dogs. Our family has many pets. Its fun to see the different kinds and colors.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Me and Daddy's truck!

One day this will be mine. My daddy doesn't know it yet but this will be mine.

I know I am not big enough yet so dad can hold on to it for me. But can you imagine one day I will be just like that song with Big & Rich: Save a horse, ride a cowboy! (Beat up old chevy truck and introduce her to my old bird dog,sang her every willie nelson song and we make love..)

Momma likes that band. she went and saw them in concert a few years ago.

Momma likes daddy's old truck, but one day he will give it up for me.

Imagine how much mud you could get on it, in it, and go through. I bet daddy never has taken out for a spin, momma probably wouldnt let him.

But trucks are made to get dirty, haul stuff, get into trouble and pick up the girlies. Daddy got momma with his big old Bronco, it was same MO as Dixie. Thats what daddy calls his truck.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Well my first easter!

We went to Gamma Miles and had dinner. It was loads of fun.

I got a ducky and blankie from Aunt Cari and Uncle Sean.

I got a easter basket with loads of goodies from Gamma Miles.

I got another basket from grandma Kat with a bunny and candy.

I got a soft brown bunny with a soccer ball from my daddy.

I tell ya I made out like a bandit. We ate so much food and watched a movie "Aragon" and after watched America's Funniest Home Videos. We stayed so late I fell asleep.

Monday, April 2, 2007

This is my Uncle Nic. We went to visit him when he got he new chocolate lab : Jagger

I am wearing Tanya's kewl baseball jersey. You know you wish you had a uniform as kewl as mine.

Uncle Nic says I am getting so big. I can't wait to see if I get as big as him. He's Ginormous!