Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am Six Weeks old. I weigh 13 lbs. I am still 22 inches long. I still have jaundice and found I cannot have formula at all, it really makes me sick and UPSET! I am also really getting the hang of this holding up my head business.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Me & Daddy!

I like spending time with my Daddy. We have a lot in common. He likes to make funny faces at me and I do the same.

We also like to watch t.v. in the morning when he gets home from work. He lets momma sleep a few hours, I like to wear her out and give her, her moneys worth! :-)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Alabama Day Two!

I also got to take picture with Aunt Joyce & Uncle Donald. Mom used to visit their house when she was younger with grandma and Aunt jasmine.

She remembers making home made ice cream and having a little fire in the drive way for roasting smores.... mmmm. Can't wait to try them.

I also got to spend time with cousins and my grandpa. I think he really likes me. ( Tyler, Emily, Kayla, Stephanie, Sammy...too many cousins :-) )

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Alabama Day One!

I recently went to go see my kin folk in Alabama... Grandma Kat, Uncle Magnus, Mommie AND me.

I meet about 30 relatives, and after 3-4 hours of it I got a little cranky. Too much stimulation.

Got a few good pictures of what I did there. I even got a five generation picture.

Mommie was beat and exhausted after all that commotion.

Daddy wanted to come, he has never met Granny Allen. He had to work but promised to come next time, with enough notice to get off from work. Everyone wanted to meet him so mommie showed them pictures. They even got to see Daddy all dressed up in his tuxs. Mommie thought he was hot stuff but still tells me I am Mr.Sexy!

I did so well in the car, I am sure trips wont be a problem, for me. I am such a good boy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Road Trip

we are going to drive all the way to ALABAMA to see Great Grandma, and GREAT great grandma! whew.. that is so kewl! I think. heehee 12 hours in the carseat... hmm, not sure how UP for that I am. but I am going just the same with my uncle Magnus to keep me company in the back of Momma's Blazer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day At Auntie Crystal & Ray's!

Well mommie had to run errands and had to work. So I went to visit my God mother Auntie Crystal. We had fun but she hasnt given up the cute picture of us while I visited.

Uncle Ray was so stinkin nice to me..... and we watched t.v. and he changed diapers.

They even helped mommie with sun bathing to kick this nasty jaundice.... yucky.

Auntie Crystal forgot my nipple to my bottles and went out to buy some so she could feed me... :-)
I need to eat!

I will have to go back soon to visit.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Number One Fan!

my momma loves me so much, she can not stop talking to me, loving on me, snuggling with me. I have her so totally devoted to my tiny little butt!

I am jaundiced again. dawg gone it. this totally stinks.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Little Mr. St Patty's Man is not Happy

1 Mini Squeaker
1 Boobie Feeder
1 Drunk Hat
1 Houston Rodeo
1 Brooks and Dunn Concert
1 seriously good time!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Miss Skinny Butt

Whew... Mr. Jordan is 4 weeks old and Momma is below prego weight by 7 lbs!


I just have to keep it up for another 20 lbs and I will be doing the happy dance.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hands free grandparenting!

Today we were exploring how much slings and front carriers cost. Good grief ! So we decided to experiment and make our own and see how hard it would be. Well it turned out pretty easy we used some extra fabric laying around the house. Now don't think the color scheme was on purpose.

Grandma thought it retro, hehehe. Momma thought it hideous. Today is first day in like three days its been sunny. It has been raining an awful lot. Every where I look is water. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain again.

This week has been very busy for me. I went to Gamma Miles ALL day yesterday. We had a bunch of fun rocking in the chair and visiting with grandpa miles. All the dogs and cats seem very interested in me. :-)

Hopefully I will get to see my daddie soon. I miss our morning t.v. watching sessions . Momma is going to see Brooks and Dunn Saturday and the Rodeo. I hope she has fun, she is going with Auntie Crystal.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Going to the court house with my grandma's!

Today I went to the court house with my grandma's. We tried to title moms car. But we were not successful. But it was fun, my uncle Magnus and Erik were there too. They helped mommie carry me around. I was good the whole time we waited in line. I slept through it all, hehe.

Afterwards we got home and mom gave me boob juice and changed me. I was happy as a button.

Later I got butt naked tummy time. Mommie has been eating something I don't like. so i had runny diapers and got a little diaper rash and sores. I don't like my diaper off but love to have no clothes on.

We have been staying at grandma kats and haven't seen daddie for a couple of days. Wonder what he's doing. Hopefully I will get to see him by the end of the week. I know he works all the time.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Wic appt with mom...

Today we went to WIC appointment. They measured my weight and I am a whopping 10 lbs with a little fluff. They also measured me and still 22 inches long. We spent a whole two hours, I didn't fuss once, I took a nap for momma.

This morning I gave dad a run for his money. I was fussy and he didn't know what to do with me. Mom was taken a nap and so dad was on his own. :-)

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Grandpa supervising the Daily Sun Ritual

You would think that I was a vampire, I really do not like the sun. BUT. I am still yellow, so I have to get some each day to burn that yeucky stuff out of my body. now my mom, well. she means well. but she sleeps all day and is up with me all night. which is fine with me. but GRANDPA. well he has other ideas. he SAYS that I have to sunbathe EVERY DAY. so while momma sleeps, he steals me away, and we do the deed. I guess he is really looking out for me.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Big Day... PKU

okay, today was busy, I got on the scales, 9 lbs total, 22.25 inches, I am kicking butt in the breastfeeding department.

= above the 100th percentile
Weight = between 75th and 90th percentile

okay, getting poked and prodded was not MY IDEA of fun. That doctor can just go away!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Great Grandma Sherman

My grandma is my biggest fan, but my GREAT Grandma, I totally have her wrapped around my little finger!